Victorian Crafts
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Close-up of dolls faces 
Victorian Cloth Dolls
Penelope close-up 
Priscilla close-up
Miss Penelope Prim and Miss Priscilla Proper  
Miss Proper enjoys a chatting with Miss Prim, while working on her needlepoint. 
Miss Prim reads her book 'Anthology of  Romantic Poetry.' 
The dolls are about 24" tall. They have floral print skirts and calico tops. High top button shoes and petticoats. They wear gloves on their hands, and they wear hats fashioned to the Victorian period. Details of cameos buttons and antique buttons are sewn on their clothes. They are totally handcrafted by Kathy. From their hand drawn and painted faces to their hand sewn clothes. The double chair can be included with order. 
Penelope's skirt and bodice are sewn out of fabric replicated from the civil war era. The  dolls are meant to look as if they were made during the  nineteenth century, as muted and antique colors are used. Handcrafted by Kathy  
 Dolls are $45.00 each Or $120.00 for both dolls and chair. 
Priscilla’s face
Penelope’s Face Penelope’s Face
1900 Paris Fashion Bookmarks
Vintage- Look Ladies 1900 Fashion Bookmark 
Bookmarks are decoupaged with a print of a vintage ladies fashion. Reverse side is decoupaged with vintage paper ephemera. Topped with a tassel. 
$5.00 each
Victorian Miss Mouse 
Victorian Miss Mouse Air Freshener or Bath Tissue Topper. The Mouse covers a renuzit air freshener  or a roll of bath tissue! She carries a little lace purse of potpourri, and wears a hat with feathers. 
She has roses attached to her apron and a matching bow in the back. 
Handcrafted by Kathy 
Mouse has to be ordered. 
Specify blue ,rose, or light green colors.  
$19.95* for Air Freshener Topper 
$20.95* for Bath Tissue Cover 
For Air Freshener Mouse 
Air Freshener Topper Mouse 
Bath Tissue Topper 
Renuzit Air Freshener
Victorian Gown
Victorian Undergarments
Historically correct Victorian petticoat gown that is meticulously reproduced and handcrafted by Kathy. Fashioned out of 100% cotton muslin fabric.Cream colored crocheted lace and peach satin ribbon are added for a decorative toucn. 
Seven buttons are sewn down the front. The gown is wearable. 
It can also add a charming vintage look to a room with Victorian Decor. An enlarged  copy of a vintage paper doll is used for displaying the gown.  
Size 14 
Handwash and dry at a low temperature. 
For close-up views of gown, click on the image. 
Only one  gown available today! 
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