Victorian and Country  Hand Crafts  
By Kathy and Helen'ka 
Katydid CraftRanch 
It's cinnamon spice, 
And  whimsical 
cloth dolls to delight. 
It's  rose potpourri, 
Dried flowers, lace, 
 and afternoon tea. 
Walk right in, 
 and you will agree, 
It's a most charming place  
for you to be! 
             by: Katydid 
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Unique handcrafts designed and crafted by Kathy and Helen'ka. 
Victorian and character cloth dolls, whimsical embroidered signs to hang in your home or office, seasonal decor and many more original handcrafts for giving or keeping . 
All are handcrafted and unique in it's own way.  
We hope you enjoy your visit. Please  come back anytime! 
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